Monday, November 28, 2016

A Little Island with Big Fun

One place I loved in Maine was Peaks Island.  Peaks Island is an island (shocker) off the coast of Portland, only a 15-minute ferry ride away.

Here's the view of Portland from Peaks Island:

Peaks Island is fascinating because, like many towns in Maine, there is a year-round population and a summer population.  Peaks Island has one of the most dramatic differences that I know of: between 800-900 year-round residents, and triple to quadruple that in the summer.

I was introduced to Peaks Island by two friends, Jessica and Devin, and started taking every out-of-town visitor there.

The best thing is to bike around the island.  It's only 4 miles.  I took my Dad and Stepmom there when they came to visit:

One of the shores is super rocky...

...and people build the most amazing cairns there.  My friends and I had to join in, of course:

My oh-so-snazzy design:

Jessica's design, complete with berry decor.  She is an artist:

Me peering through an actual arch that I built:

Even my Dad built one:

My Stepmom, Sue, chose to pose with hers:

Near the ferry landing is a gorgeous hotel with a delicious restaurant named, creatively, The Inn at Peaks Island:

Anyway, a person or family can easily spend the day there.  There are beaches, too.  I highly recommend it!

I may add to this post later if I find more pictures.

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