Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Clichès

I'm going to make New Year's resolutions. I know it's clichè, and some of these will be same old, same old. But I'm going to do it anyway.

I've decided to improve myself this year, and I'm going to base my improvement on an article from U.S. News and World Report: "50 Ways to Improve Your Life in 2011."

I'm going to number slips of paper 1-50 and put them in an envelope or box or something, and pick one out each week. If it's something that will improve my life, I'll do it. If it's something I already do, I'll explain myself.

So each week, I'll let you know what my improvement will be. In subsequent weeks, I'll let you know how I'm doing.

Will you be making any New Year's resolutions for 2011? Let me know in the comment section!

A Happy New Year to you all!