Thursday, January 31, 2013

Please Add This to My World Tour

Okay, so this is my second post in a row about toilets, but I couldn't resist this.

Seriously, people.  The Suwon Toilet Museum?  Perhaps I need a career change.  I think I could be an amazing curator of this museum.

I see a visit to South Korea in my future.

Allow me to share some pictures in order to tempt you to join me on this sojourn (though the article I've linked to has some pretty fantastic ones):

Ha ha ha!  A whole new take on "The Thinker!"

Even the museum itself is shaped like a toilet!

They don't mess around at this museum.  If you're going to celebrate toilets, you've got to celebrate the bodily functions that require them!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is There a Travel Agent for This?

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of potty humor.  And potties.  Yes, I realize I am like a fourth-grade boy trapped in a woman's body, but that's okay!  Author Dave Barry loves potty humor, and he won a Pulitzer!  So I am not ashamed.

Therefore, allow me to present an awesome article I found on "Toilets of the World."

While some of these toilets creep me out, I desperately want to use most of them.

Toilet on the glass floor hanging 15 stories in the air!  Heck, yeah!

The guitar and soccer urinals almost make me wish I was a guy.  Almost.  Though I could have almost just as much fun with a squirt bottle.  And it might be uncomfortable for any men who come in to pee and find a girl sitting there with a squirt bottle playing soccer or the guitar for hours at a time.

"Not Drinking Water" had me cracking up.

I would give most anything to be there when the pop-up toilets come out of the ground in Europe.  Yes, next time I go to Europe, I will be the ridiculous American tourist taking video of the toilets arising each morning and laughing hysterically.  I apologize in advance.  This won't happen if America gets some for me to watch.  I wonder if Newburyport would be interested...*

I am also extremely thankful that I did not have the frozen toilet on my train trip.

Anyway, enjoy!


*Speaking of being the embarrassing American tourist, years ago I visited friends in Taiwan.  In Taipei, I made an excellent discovery.  At intersections, instead of just the red hand and the walking white person to indicate when it was save to cross, they had something so much better.

The white person on the light actually walked, but then about seven seconds before it changed to the red hand, instead of blinking, he started to run!  It was one of the best things I have ever seen.  I made my poor friend, who actually lived there, wait patiently through about five light changes while I stood there watching the little man over and over.  I stood there with my mouth agape, or laughing, or pointing.  I'm sure my friend was completely embarrassed, but seriously, it was so great.

I think that is how I would feel about the European pop-up toilets.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Present Porch

Let me tell you, Newburyport goes all out for Christmas, and this extends to people's homes.  But there are no National Lampoons Christmas Vacation-decorated homes.  Oh, no.  Here, the decorations befit the stately houses.

But one house goes above and beyond.  I am extremely impressed by the combination of creativity and engineering this takes:

I'm sorry the pictures aren't of better quality; I took these at night.  Anyway, these folks somehow covered their porch pillars with presents!  I think this looks so cool.  I didn't walk up to take a close look, as I didn't want the residents to be creeped out, but my guess is that the presents are made of wood with hinges that allow them to open and clamp around the pillars.  They lasted through rain and snow, so I know they aren't cardboard.

Great job, owners of this house!  You truly got me in the Christmas spirit!

Shave and a Haircut -- 6 Wreaths

Allow me to present the snazziest Christmas barber shop I have ever seen in my life:

Seriously, this is a barber shop.  See the barber pole to the left of the door?  And inside are old-style barber chairs.

I love it!