Friday, October 24, 2014

Another Riveting Non-Fiction Book

In an earlier post, I said that I was going to share non-fiction books that I read that I love.  Of course, I have posted a grand total of one non-fiction book.

Today, I am going to double that total and add a second!

I recently listened to "A Fractured Mind: My Life with Multiple Personality Disorder" by Robert B. Oxnam, and read by William Dufris.  Holy cow, was it amazing.  If you have ever doubted the existence of MPD, I highly recommend that you read it/listen to it.  The book will erase any suspicions you have.

Robert B. Oxnam wasn't diagnosed until he was in his (if I remember correctly) late 30s.  When originally diagnosed, he had 11 distinct personalities.  By the end of the book, 8 of the personalities had merged, and he had three left.  Those three, Robert, Bobby and Wanda, were learning to partially merge and coexist.

The book, written in the first person, included his life before he was diagnosed, his therapy, and his life after diagnosis.  It was fascinating and a truly remarkable account.

I highly recommend it!