Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Brain May Fall Out

I am here!  Here in Newburyport, Massachusetts, freshly transplanted from Seattle.  What a whirlwind it has been.  Here is my life in a list.

In one month:

1) I interviewed for a job, was offered a job, accepted a job, and planned a move across the country.
2) I flew my Mom to Newburyport to find me a place to live.
3) I decided to buy a condo in Newburyport.
4) I decided to renovate a condo in Newburyport.
5) I decided to sell my condo in Seattle.
6) I put Sterling (my baby girl cat) in a boarding facility for two weeks, until I can move into my new condo.  I cried as I left.
7) I said good-bye to many, many amazing friends.
8) I started my new job.  Yesterday.

I am exhausted!  Mostly my brain is exhausted.  I have taken in so much information in these first two days of work that I can feel my brain overheating and slowly melting.  I am hoping it won't start leaking out my ears.

But I love my new job and my new library!  I will write more posts about those later, but I am in love with the staff and already filled with new ideas for the children's department!