Saturday, December 3, 2016

I'm So (Not) Healthy!

Ever since I got rabbits and a guinea pig, my grocery shopping is, well, not what it appears to be.  I have terrible eating habits and, of course, the critters eat very healthily.  I was shopping this past year when I realized the bag I was carrying was a perfect example.

So, here is the grocery bag:

Wow!  Look how healthy I am!  Produce galore!

However, upon further inspection, here are the groceries for the critters:

And here are the groceries for me:

Yup.  Read and green lettuce, carrots, carrot tops, bananas, and various other produce for Jack, Ralph and Kola.

Then grated cheese, peanuts, ice cram Dove bars, eggs and booze, for me.  And lest you think, "Well, at least she got eggs."  Let me clarify that those are for cookie dough.

The good news is that as long as I put my groceries on the bottom of the bag, I appear to be one of the healthiest individuals ever.

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