Friday, December 9, 2016

Let the Fashion Show Begin...

Over the years, it seems I've collected a few holiday costumes for my critters.  Add to those the costumes my Mom has for her dog, and we have enough for a fashion show for the rest of the month!

First up is Kola in a snowman hat made for a teddy bear.  Sadly, I couldn't strap the little carrot nose on her, so you'll have to just pretend.

As you can tell, she is really thrilled to be participating in this fashion show.

She'd better get used to it.  Tomorrow I am dressing her up as an elf and taking her for pictures with Santa at Petsmart.  (Stay tuned!)

Next up is my Mom's chihuahua, Mac, in a traditional Santa costume.

Doesn't he look dapper?  I don't think he minds this because it helps keep him warm.  He started getting cold in September, and will now be freezing until July.  Even his ears shiver.

P.S. He and Kola are best friends.  Kola calls him from her cage, and he runs to the den to see her!  He loves to groom her.  We make him stop once Kola is dripping with dog saliva.

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